Chicken, Kimchi & Kelp Noodle Salad

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For the Salad:

1 packet Kelp Noodles drain, soak in water to soften for approx. 15 mins, drain and splash with sesame oil.

½ jar of Lewis & Son Kimchi  

1 carrot 

1 cucumber

Lettuce mix/Asian greens

Herbs such as mint, Vietnamese basil/basil, coriander

Toasted Nori

For the  Dressing:

½ cup of lime juice

1 cup of good quality oil (I used a blend I mixed together of  Macadamia, liquid coconut and Olive Oil)

½ cup good quality fish sauce or coconut aminos fysh sauce 

½ cup coconut aminos (check ingredients for no added sweeteners)

1 green chilli

Half a stalk of lemongrass

3-4 kaffir lime leaves

1 knob of fresh ginger

½ red onion

1 small amount of fresh turmeric

I used grilled chicken on top of the recipe but it goes great with prawns, beef and even leave on own as a vegetarian option.


Arrange salad mix, herbs and noodles in a large serving bowl.  Top with kimchi, and nori.

Take ingredients for dressing and place all in a high performance blender and blend for approx. 2 mins until all combined.

Pour over salad just before serving.

 Note: Dressing will freeze if you have extra.

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My tips for a healthy Christmas - Leah Williamson Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

 It is called the "silly season" and it is a great time to relax and enjoy our hard work and efforts of a busy year.  However, it does not mean we have to go crazy and fall off the wagon so to speak.

 Side note: Did you know that the "term fall of the wagon" originated in the temperance period when men would parade around town on the wagon to show they had conquered their demons with alcohol?

Turn a negative into a positive!

Rather than thinking about all the things you should and should not have during this period why not think about eating as best you can and saving for the special occasions.  Some people like an 80/20 approach where they try to eat like they would Monday to Friday and save a couple of treat meals for the weekend.  Whatever you decide be happy with your decision.

Bring a Plate

If you seem to be eating away from home a lot ask if you can bring a plate. My kimchi noodle salad is easy to take along to friend or family's house as it is simple to throw together in no time.  A platter of delicious Lewis & Son smallgoods with pickles would be sure to keep anyone happy!

Choose nutrient density

When faced with choice look for the most nutrient dense real foods as they will keep you satiated (fuller longer) and contain all the micronutrients we require to prevent disease. Look for fresh, unprocessed (food in it’s natural form).  Proteins such as meat and seafood, good fats such as olive and coconut oil and lots of veggies such as all your lovely greens.


 Keep your gut happy

Feed your gut bacteria a small amount of Lewis & Son sauerkraut each day to keep them happy.  Often when we are away from home or eating foods we don’t normally we can become imbalanced and sauerkraut is an easy way to restore some gut microbiome balance.


Make a plan

Get back on the wagon and have a plan in place to get back on track.  Get some sunshine, exercise, sleep and relaxation into your holiday period.  Use some time to batch cook and freeze some meals ready for the new year.

 If you are in need of some nutritional help, I offer in person in Brisbane consults or online.  We can assess your health priorities and make an actionable plan. I already have clients booked in for the new year so they can get started as soon as they can.  Send me an email for more details:


Above all rest, relax and enjoy this time of year with your family and friends and have a Merry Christmas.