Traditional Cucumbers pickled the old-fashioned way

Traditional Cucumbers pickled the old-fashioned way; in a salt water brine with our signature blend of spices including allspice, clove and a garlic and cayenne kick.  These crispy, Full-Sours are made from non-GMO cucumbers and grown with no chemical fertilisers or pesticides in the Barossa Valley (with its fabulous terroir).  They undergo a lactic acid fermentation process for a minimum of six weeks and are awash with billions of beneficial bacteria conducive to good gut health.  They are unpasteurised to maintain their benefits and have no added vinegar.  These are a real pickle!

Available from the following pickle supporters:

Aunt Maggie's Malvern - 72 Glenferrie Rd. Malvern - (03) 9500 2129

Geelong Fresh Foods - 171 Pakington Street, Geelong West  - (03) 5221 6004

Lewis & Son HQ - 155 Glenferrie Rd. Malvern - (03) 9509 9822

Naturally on High - 697-699 High Street, Thornbury - (03) 9484 7131

Superfruit Organic - 230 Waterdale Rd. Ivanhoe - (03) 9497 1055