Lights. Camera. Pickles!

by Yvonne Quincey-de Guzman

pickle movie 1.jpg

Tastes are changing and so are we. The food we eat while watching a film reflects our movie traditions and our contemporary culinary fads. In recent years, folks hosted parties based on movies or TV shows, serving themed nibbles to add to the ambiance and experience. At Dynasty parties, we drank champagne, during Kath and Kim we ate spray cheese and required all pot-luck items be purchased at 7-11 or a petrol station, and when we got together to watch My Big fat Greek Wedding on DVD, you can guess what was served, grilled lamb and dolmas.  Some movie theatres now offer gourmet food and libations while reclining in luxury. Movies have sprung up reflecting our societies obsession with food, drink and entertainment. Not just individual television shows, but entire TV and cable networks have been dedicated to the art of food and cooking. In a culinary version of The Hunger Games, our children compete against each other for the glory and honor of being superior in the kitchen.  Like fashion, there is a condiment, vegetable, cut of meat and main dish trending at every moment. One minute it is maple syrup, the next it is bacon. When in doubt, eat them together.  As our food and entertainment choices have become so vast, competitive and overlapped, how does a movie-loving foodie avoid a fugue state?

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Keep it simple sweetheart and go back to basics. What is one perfect food which has stood the test of time, region and religion? What delicious, nutritious and fun snack will tickle your brain and your taste buds? Here is a hint. It is has starred in movies for decades, Texans demand them at their movie theaters, certain restaurants and delis would not be in business without them, and their juice is both the latest health and fitness trend and fancy cocktail drink ingredient. Pickles! And what are the best pickles in town, Lewis & Son Traditional Pickled Cucumbers.

In honor of Lewis & Son’s Traditional Pickled Cucumbers being awarded the FODMAP Friendly Certification and Coeliac Association Endorsement, we have curated our favorite pickle themed movies and shorts for you and your family to watch while you enjoy the jade-colored beauties.

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Lewis & Sons List of Top Pickle Appearances on Screen

Crossing Delancy, 1988


The Pickle, 1993


Little Rascals 1994


The Pickle Recipe, 2016


Veggie Tales Dave & the Giant Pickle (For the kids)


Rick and Morty, 2017 (For the teens and young adults)


The Simpsons, 1992