Kvas – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Families

by Kirrilee Heartman, an Academic Researcher


Gut health is fast becoming the new frontier when it comes to overall health – there are numerous scientific studies linking gut health to mental health and brain development, to the metabolism processes of the body – and gut health (or lack of) is implicated in the development of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.


How can we give our bodies optimal support in gut health? Often the answer lies in adding something to our diets, rather than restricting or depriving. Foods and beverages, high in probiotics, can fast track gut health in a simple and easy way. Drinks are especially convenient and Kvas is fast becoming known as a product that can support gut health and overall health: its mild natural taste and different varieties means there is one to suit every family member.


Kvas is naturally fermented probiotic beverage which can be traced back thousands of years, originating in Byzantium. It utilises a fermentation process based on lactic acid, rather than the scoby and yeast needed by kombucha. A lactic acid process makes fermentation faster, and kvas, being a live, raw and unpastuerised beverage has billions of probiotic cultures and enzymes, making it one of the most concentrated sources of these on the market.


Historically kvas was made with fermented fruit or grain, and nowadays rye bread is the most popular choice and the traditional kvas variety. Brod Kvas brand produces a number of varieties with added health benefits depending on the extra ingredients added.



Brod Green Kvas has the addition of lemon myrtle, providing extra anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities, as well as hemp for support with lowering blood pressure and easing insomnia. Brod Brown Kvas incorporates coffee, cinnamon and cloves, with coffee providing an extra kick of antioxidants and cognitive function enhancement.


Beetroot kvas is another well-known variety, with the powerful detoxification and digestion qualities of beetroot taking this kvas to another level. Brod Ruby Kvas combines beetroot with tumeric and ginger,  both anti-inflammatory ingredients which also support and tonify the organs in the body. And Brod Rose Kvas, with notes of rose and cardamom, is perfect for digestion support and for balancing cholesterol.


Brod Kvas is a vegan product with no added sweeteners or carbonation. It is naturally lightly sparkling and is very gentle on the digestion and teeth, being much less acidic than other kinds of probiotic drinks. Kvas is a beverage easily added to the diet and the home, supporting the health of the gut and the whole family!


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