Q: What is bio-individuality?

A: Bio-individuality, in terms of nutrition, is based on a system of Solid Foundations, focusing on a  nutrient dense wholefood diet that uniquely suits an individual which in turn can help restore balance in their body. This bio-individual nutrition approach along with a balanced lifestyle of movement and play can enhance the bodies healing process.

Q: What are these Solid Foundations?

A: The first step in working with an individual begins with a detailed Nutritional  Assessment Questionnaire, with over 300 questions! When was the last time someone asked you this many questions in relation to your health? It rarely happens. The survey along with other functional testing allows us to asses the foundational areas; gut health/digestion, blood sugar regulation, essential fatty acids vitamins and minerals, adrenal function among other consequences to help get to the "WHY" things are happening in the body. Symptoms are not our enemies but rather messengers who encourage us to apply self care. One of the most important foundational pieces is swapping out processed food for nutrient dense whole foods along with mindful eating. This can help strengthen the system and heal and seal the digestive tract, allowing for the body to naturally absorb the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components found in our food. We love Lewis & Son products to kick start this transition. They are an easy go to for my clients. The fermented products go hand-in-hand with their delicious smoked meats and small goods which are grass fed and artificial nitrate free. I like that they are gluten free, FODMAP Friendly certified Kosher and certified by Nutrified! 

Q: So how does bio-individuality work with these Solid Foundations?

A: Even with a whole foods diet, a person may not be getting what their bodies really need in terms of nutritional content if they are not applying mindful eating to help switch on digestion. You are as good as what you "digest" not only eat. When we withdraw processed foods from out diet and are aware of how our culture and lifestyle are often associated with eating foods that are highly processed, only then can we make a shift to overall better health. For example, when we go to the movies, most of us automatically think popcorn and choc tops, finished with a fizzy-sugary drink. These foods are highly addictive and mask our own innate intelligence of what our bodies actually need and crave. After processed foods are removed and replaced with whole foods, our natural cravings point us in the direction of where we might be lacking. If a person is craving chocolate all the time, this may indicate that they are in need of magnesium. If it is salt they crave, it might mean a deficiency in zinc, iron or potassium. We get a good idea of where to start, based on the questionnaire, and functional evaluation. And once the processed foods are swapped out, we can fine tune what the body needs. This information is again contextualized with lifestyle and daily stress. In the end, we don’t just talk about nutrition. It is the big picture stuff. To be truly healthy, we need to eat properly prepared food and have a lifestyle that is balanced with movement, enjoyment, stress relief activities and love. We also must get enough sleep and hydrate. Once we ease back into balance, the healing can begin.

Q: How do you work with clients?

A: I work with individuals in person, via video conference and in small and large group settings. I have resources in place to support and educate my clients to continue on their positive health journey, even after their consultation with me ends. Bio-individuality also means teaching skills based on an individual’s needs. It is crucial that people can shop and prepare their own nutrient dense whole foods, and not rely on restaurants and take-aways. Knowing where to go and what to get is all part of the strategy when it comes to the eating part. I teach them how to shop, prep and cook healthy, nutrient dense whole foods for themselves and their families, offering inclusion and lifestyle balance.

We pre-emtively develop strategies that will compliment a busy daily life and find ways to make it as easy as possible. When it is time for entertaining, a special meal out or holiday time, we can choose foods which will align with our health objectives, without feeling we are stuck or having to battle our willpower. Again, tailoring what we do to a person’s unique physiology and lifestyle ensures the most promising results. I want my clients to feel that they are heard and that our work together is specifically designed with only them in in mind. There is no one size fits all formula. The name kinda says it all.

Marie Chirico founder of Nutrified is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in the Sydney Area. She is available for individual and group appointments and consultations.

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