Support Independent. Support Local. Support Pete

Pete, of Superior Fruit has a stunning shop deeply ingrained in the community of Graceville.

Pete is an old school fruiterer that heads to the markets himself to ensure he gets the best possible produce for his clients. His shelves, fridges, and freezers are also filled with thousands of exotic and hard to find ingredients, including truffles, porcini, bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, cheeses fit for royalty, and home made pies, lasagna, crisps and much, much more.

Whilst the big guys may have the marketing dollar that draws the Masterchef shopper, the produce doesn't quite match. Shop where the real gourmands concoct their magic. Superior Fruit indeed stocks superior products; not just product that is commercially viable.

We are passionately independent and support this through our independent stockists. We supply to stores where the dollars you spend goes back into the pocket of an Australian family. Your dollars should be going to buying a bike for a store owners daughters birthday present, not buying an eighth investment property for a director on the board.

Superior Fruit stocks a wide range of our wild fermented veggies including Sauerkraut, Kale Kraut, Beetroot Kraut, Kimchi, Beetroot Kimchi, Rockin'Out Brocco Kraut, and Cauli-Flower-Power. He also ranges our FODMAP Friendly, Gluten Free smallgoods made from all Australian grass fed beef - Viennas, Kabana, Salami and Pariser