“Eat Food. Don’t eat anything your great grandmother would not recognise as food.”
— Michael Pollan

We opened in 1945, selling a deliciously appetizing selection of charcuterie, meats and  pickled things. As a Melbourne based butcher and deli we incorporate the multicultural culinary influence of the city into our range of products.  All our foods are grown, blended and prepared with the greatest care. We hope you enjoy them.

Having acquired innumerable awards for our deli meats over the years we have established a new range using only the finest quality, free range, grass fed beef without hormone growth promotants.  All of our charcuterie contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, phosphate, or other nasty chemicals.  Meat and spices - that is all that needs to be in there, so that is all we put in there.  In addition to being kosher certified (www.kosher.org.au) these products are the first of their kind in the world to be certified FODMAP Friendly (www.fodmap.com).

We have a small labful of mad scientists - well, they are qualified food scientists, though not certified mad - they love to speak of all the nutritional benefits of our range of ferments.  I think they just love the look of our German stone crocks that have been made by the same family, the same way for the last eighty plus years. Crocks that look like some science experiment, containing colonies of microbes bubbling away.  Some nutritional benefits they speak of are:

"The Lewis & Son Ferments range are all raw, unpasteurised products.  This means that all beneficial enzymes, viable micro-organisms and minerals are present.  They are not only a source of live lactic acid bacteria but also a good source of vitamin C.  Such sources complement each other in digesting proteins such as meat and poultry.  When paired, the ferments stimulate stomach acid production and have a positive effect in the absorption of iron from iron dense products."