Brod Kvas-original_produce_CMYK.jpg
Brod Kvas-original_produce_CMYK.jpg


Eastern Europeans have loved the delicious flavour and natural goodness of kvas for centuries. Brod kvas is brewed in small batches from all natural and organic ingredients using tradtional fermentation methods.

It is raw, live, unpasteurised, naturally sparkling and packed full of lactobacillus cultures, antioxidants and organic enzymes. Brod original rye is brewed in the classic russian style from rye bread baked with corriander seed, and sultanas. Naturally refreshing living kvas is perfect on its own or with food.

No Preservatives. No artificial ingredients. Vegan. Caffeine free.

Contains less than 0.5% alcohol at bottling.

Must be refrigerated. Do not shake.

*Please note this product is not Kosher Certified

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