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F is for FODMAPs and now FERMENTS @ Harris Farm Bondi Beach

A couple of months back we wrote to let you know that Harris Farm Markets in Bondi Beach are now stocking our Natural Aussie Snag, Natural Italian Sausage, Natural Vienna (Hot Dog), Natural Kabana, Natural Beef Salami that are all FODMAP Friendly certified, Gluten Free (Coeliac Australia Endorsed), Kosher (Kosher Australia Certified).  They are produced from free range, grass fed, hormone free beef.  They contain no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.  Oh yeah, and they happen to be delicious too!

Now we are stoked to let you know that they have ranged Five of our Favourite Wild-Fermented, Probiotic Rich, Unpasteurised, Vegan Friendly Vegetables.  Such as Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Sweet'n'Sauerkraut, Beetroot Kraut, and Kale Kraut.  Not only that, but they will all be on tasting this weekend.

The innovative team at Harris Farm that brought the "imperfect picks" program earlier this year know where the future of food is at.  Hence our chuffedness to be partnering with them.